What Are Prosthetics Made Of?


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Structural and prosthetic interfaces incorporate thermoplastics, which are available in various thicknesses. Some blended plastics include silicone, which enhances the flexibility of prosthetics. Manufacturers also use metals such as aluminum, steel and titanium in making prosthetics, states the Amputee Coalition.

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Silicone serves as a padding material in prosthetics and prevents skin breakdowns due to friction. Urethane and mineral oil-based gel are used to make prosthetic liners, and nylon hose provides finishing material for cosmetic covers. Manufacturers use aluminum to make knee units, and although costly, titanium is a lightweight alternative to steel in the making of small prostheses, says the Amputee Coalition. Carbon-fiber composites enhance the strength of prosthetics and are light and functional, according to HowStuffWorks.

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