What Are the Pros and Cons of a Weight Loss Point System?


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One advantage of a points based weight loss system is that dieters can eat any type of food they want within their daily point allowance, states the Obesity Action Coalition. However, dieters can choose to use their points eating dessert and drinking alcohol, which can result in an unbalanced diet.

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The points system assigns points to food based on the amount of fat, fiber and calories it contains. Each person receives a customized daily points allowance based on their weight and goals. The points system is easy to track and allows dieters to eat foods they enjoy. It also allows them to eat out without sabotaging their weight loss efforts.

Weight Watchers offers a points based weight loss program and encourages customers to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week, which is a healthy and attainable goal. Customers can save money on food with these programs because they do not have to purchase prepackaged meals.

Despite the many benefits, dieters should be aware that program counselors, such as those employed by Weight Watchers, are not licensed dietitians. Although dieters may stay within their points allowance, this does not ensure they are eating a balanced, nutritious diet. In addition, some foods are given a score of zero but still contain up to 80 calories. Eating too many zero-point foods may prevent dieters from losing the amount of weight desired.

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