What Are Some of the Pros and Cons of Surrogacy?


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A pro of surrogacy is that it reduces the physical strain associated with pregnancy for the intended mother. The cons of surrogacy include the fact that health care plans cover it very rarely, making the out-of-pocket cost to the parents quite high. Another con is that the process is subject to complication if the surrogate mother has second thoughts about releasing the baby to its genetic parents after giving birth, according to Health Research Funding.

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A basic pro of surrogacy is that the process can give parents a chance to have children with their own genes in cases where the woman of the couple is not physically able to carry out a pregnancy. Another strong pro of surrogacy is that many surrogate mothers often remain in the lives of the resulting children, bringing about an additional caring adult from whom the child can receive the benefits of love, explains Health Research Funding.

The instance of a surrogate mother having second thoughts after the birth of the child can lead to different results depending on the area, but both paths are a con of surrogacy in their own ways, notes Health Research Funding. Some areas legally assign custody following the birth to the parents who arranged the surrogacy, yet most areas offer the surrogate mother the option of taking custody herself. Both avenues can result in difficulty for the parents who arranged the surrogacy.

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