What Are Some Pros and Cons of the SmartLipo Liosuction Procedure?


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Some of the pros of SmartLipo procedure include minimal or no scarring at all, no disruption of non-target tissues such as skin layers, less swelling, reduced trauma to the tissues resulting in quick recovery and less bleeding, according to Health Development Advice. Disadvantages of SmartLipo include discoloration of skin, infection, numbness and lumpiness at the treatment site, according to LocateADoc.com.

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SmartLipo offers patients the best results with barely no downtime and the benefit of skin tightening that can not be achieved by other traditional procedures. This is made possible by the use of a laser, which is fed through a small micro-cannula, according to WIFH.

SmartLipo also gives the skin a youthful firmness, transforming the looks of the patient, reversing the effects of aging and eliminating fat that doesn't respond to exercising and dieting, says DocShop. It guarantees a short post-operation recovery period and is considered the most effective and safest procedure for reducing body fat, according to LocateADoc.com. Moreover, SmartLipo requires application of local anaesthesia, which is the safest form of anaesthesia, says WIFH.

On the downside, SmartLipo is unable to remove fat deposits that are seated deep in the body, especially the fat surrounding internal body organs. It may cause sagging of the skin and scarring and has a risk of burns at the treatment area, according to LocateADoc.com.

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