What Are the Pros and Cons of the Shred Diet by Dr. Ian Smith?


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The pros of the Shred Diet plan by Dr. Ian Smith include a six- to seven-meal allowance per day, and almost anyone can participate. The cons of the diet include time-consuming potential of preparing and consuming six to seven meals and food expenses.

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The cornerstone of the Shred Diet focuses on providing meals with a low-glycemic index more frequently throughout a given day. The notion is that spacing smaller meals more closely keeps a person's metabolism and fat-burning ability functioning at their highest.

The diet also uses an uncommon approach to nutrition called diet confusion. This approach to dieting is based on the concept of muscle confusion used in exercising training. It is the belief that the body gets acclimated to eating the same foods with the same metabolic influences each day. The Shred Diet varies the type of foods and meal times to keep a person's metabolism on high.

The greatest advantage of the Shred Diet is that individuals eat too frequently to feel hungry. The plan calls for four daily meals or meal replacements and three daily snacks. The diet confusion, designed to trick the body, also keeps dieters from becoming bored or tired of the same meals. Additionally, the plan has delivered results for individuals with various health and diet limitations, including diabetics, vegetarians and those with allergies, according to Dr. Ian Smith.

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