What Are the Pros and Cons of LASIK Eye Surgery?


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The benefits of LASIK eye surgery are that it can reduce the need for glasses and contacts, reports MedlinePlus. However, some people need two treatments and having the surgery could lead to complications, such as corneal scarring, dry eyes or light sensitivity.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of LASIK Eye Surgery?
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LASIK eye surgery is a procedure used to correct the defects in a patient's cornea, according to MedlinePlus. In some individuals, the cornea is misshapen, leading to vision problems. LASIK surgery can correct these problems, reducing the need for glasses or contacts and sometimes improving vision enough that corrective lenses are no longer needed. The procedure is also very fast, usually only taking 10 to 15 minutes per eye to perform.

However, individuals should be aware of the risks involved, states MedlinePlus. In addition to sensitivity to light and dry eyes, side effects may include problems driving at night, halos or glares, patchiness or a decrease in contrast sensitivity. Patients who undergo the surgery may still have to wear contacts or glasses to see in certain situations. Also, individuals sometimes experience severe side effects after LASIK, including corneal infections, corneal scarring, and reduced or permanent vision loss. MedlinePlus suggests that anyone considering LASIK eye surgery read further into the benefits and drawbacks before making the decision to undergo the operation.

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