What Are Some Pros and Cons of Giving Second Chances in Relationships?


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Some pros and cons of giving second chances in relationships are that the couple does not have to wonder what might have happened if they had reconciled, and one or both people might have learned valuable lessons that improve the relationship. However, a second-chance relationship is not the same as it was before the breakup, and the relationship might break up again. In addition, a second-chance relationship often shows forgiveness.

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A couple may avoid repeating mistakes when reconciling after a breakup. During a breakup, a partner may have the time and space to realize how much she appreciates her partner, and she might also learn valuable skills about appropriate behavior in a relationship.

In addition, she might realize that she still harbors feelings for her partner. When a person gives a second chance in a relationship, she has the chance to explore lingering romantic feelings and exercise forgiveness.

However, cons to giving a second chance in a relationship include the strong chance that the relationship could break up again. Some people get back together for wrong reasons such as fear of being alone. Pressure from family and friends or simply wanting to be in a relationship might be hidden motives for reconciliation. These poor motives can damage or break the relationship. In addition, if a person forgives her partner's prior bad behavior, the partner might believe that the partner accepts and excuses the behavior.

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