How Do You Properly Do a Squat?


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To do a proper squat, keep the back straight, push the hips back and bend at the knees until the hip joint is below the knees. It is important to practice the proper technique when doing squats to avoid injury to the back or leg muscles.

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The squat is a strength, rather than cardio, exercise. It not only works the leg muscles, but nearly every muscle group in the body.

Step 1: Get into position

Stand straight with the head and shoulders back, with a slight arch in the lower back. Compare this to the way soldiers stand at attention. The feet should be slightly separated.

Step 2: Begin the downward squat movement

With the weight on the heels and balls of the feet and arms out and parallel to the ground, push the hips and bottom backward. Bend the knees at the same time. The eyes should remain focused straight ahead. Continue the squat until the hips are lower than the knees.

Step 3: Return to the standing position

To avoid injury or muscle strain, do not stand up quickly. Push with the heels and balls of the feet, and lift the hips and bottom up slowly and back into the original position. It helps to keep the core muscles of the body tight to control the movement.

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