How Do You Properly Insert a Catheter Into a Female Patient?


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To insert a urinary catheter into a female patient properly, clean the urethra and surrounding areas and then insert the catheter into the bladder via the urethra, explains eMedicineHealth. It is important to maintain sterility during this procedure.

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The female urethra is short compared to the male urethra, according to eMedicineHealth. The urinary catheterization kit is sterile and contains the urinary catheter, lubricant jelly, a 10-cubic-centimeter syringe, a drainage bag and tubing, sterile gloves, gauze and a cleaning solution, such as iodine.

To insert a urinary catheter into a female patient, the patient needs to lie down on her back with her buttocks at the edge of the examination table and her legs in stirrups, states eMedicineHealth. Separating the labia exposes the urethra.

Clean the urethra and surrounding areas with the cleaning solution and gauze in a circular motion, moving outwards from the urethra to the surrounding areas, instructs eMedicineHealth. Lubricate the urinary catheter with lubricant jelly, and insert it through the urethra. Once the catheter is in the bladder, inflate the balloon in the bladder using the 10-cubic-centimeter syringe containing water. Inflation of the balloon should not cause pain. Connect the urinary catheter to the drainage bag, and urine flows from the bladder into the sterile drainage bag.

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