What Are the Proper Treatments to Recover From Shoulder Impingement Surgery?


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Treatments that ease recovery from shoulder impingement surgery include placing the shoulder in a sling immediately after surgery, according to the Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center. Medical providers also use ice therapy and electrical stimulation to reduce the patient's pain and to further aid in the healing process.

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The patient's physical therapist also massages the shoulder and performs other manipulations to ease pain, as the Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center explains. If doctors use arthroscopy to repair the shoulder, rehabilitation quickly progresses to range-of-motion exercises.

The first range-of-motion exercises are passive, and they include an exercise in which the therapist gently raises the patient's arm forward over the head before bringing the arm back to the side, according to Drugs.com. However, the therapist waits before starting range-of-motion exercises if the patient has undergone open surgery on the shoulder, as the Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center indicates.

The therapist may teach the patient how to do passive range-of-motion exercises at home, as the Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center reports. Active range-of-motion exercises in which patients exert the muscles in their shoulders to move them start between four weeks and six weeks after the surgery. The patient often does isometric exercises before starting on the active range-of-motion regimen. Over the weeks of recovery, patients and their physical therapists work to increase the strength of their shoulder joints and the surrounding muscles.

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