How Do You Do a Proper Squat in Fitness Training?


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To perform a proper squat in fitness training, practice the correct form with body weight squats, get a power rack, and practice weighted squats while gradually adding more weight. You can learn the exercise within one training session.

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  1. Do body weight squats

    Stand with both feet slightly wider apart than the hips. Point the toes slightly outward. Extend the arms straight out, and maintain a neutral spine position. Distribute your weight evenly between your heels and the balls of your feet. Inhale while squatting down by pushing your butt back. Keep your knees over your feet, and look straight ahead throughout the movement. Once your hip joints are parallel with your knees, the squat is parallel. You can then stand back up while exhaling.

  2. Find a power rack

    A power rack can be purchased or found at a gym. The safety pins in a power rack catch the weight if you can't complete a repetition, allowing you to squat safely.

  3. Squat with a barbell

    Get in the power rack, and adjust the height of the barbell to approximately the same height as your collarbone. Place the barbell between your trapezius and rear shoulder muscles. Grip the barbell with both hands. A narrow or wide grip can be used. Stand up, tense the body, and step back. Perform a squat with the same form used in the body weight squat, except with both hands maintaining a grip on the barbell. Start with only the barbell, and gradually increase the weight.

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