Why Is Proper Foot Care so Important to Diabetics?


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Proper foot care is important to diabetics to control foot problems that may lead to foot amputation. Diabetes usually causes damage to the nerves and inhibits proper flow of blood to the feet, which makes diabetics vulnerable to a variety of foot problems. A patient should visit a doctor regularly for checkups to prevent any foot health issues.

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Properly washing the feet consists of using warm water and mild soaps. The skin should be patted dry instead of rubbed with a towel to thoroughly dry the feet. When the feet are dry, lotion should be applied to prevent cracking. The lotion should not be applied between the toes, as stated by WebMD.

The feet should be checked daily for drying and cracking. Other conditions to look for include scratches, cuts, redness, blisters, corns, calluses and ingrown toenails. If the blisters or sores are caused by shoes, bandages should be used to cover the blisters.

Taking good care of the toenails is also an essential part of proper foot care. Toenails should only be cut when they are soft after having a bath. This should be done carefully to avoid cutting the cuticles. If necessary, a podiatrist can be visited to cut the nails.

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