What Is the Proper Dosage for Ambroxol Mucosolvan for a 45-Year-Old Woman?

Ambroxol is a drug classified as a mucolytic agent, according to Drugs.com. The recommended dosage of ambroxol for an adult is between 30 milligrams, or one tablet, and 120 milligrams, or four tablets, per day. The daily dosage is divided in two or three fractions. Before use, it is important to discuss this medication's side effects, contraindications and dosage with a physician.

Doctors prescribe ambroxol for respiratory issues, such as various forms of bronchitis and chronic inflammatory pulmonary conditions, according to Drugs.com. Doctors prescribe ambroxol along with an antibiotic for cases of acute complications of bronchitis. It usually takes 30 minutes for ambroxol's effects to appear. Possible side effects include mild gastrointestinal problems. Women should not take ambroxol during the first trimester of a pregnancy.