What Is the Proper Diet During Radiation?


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For a patient undergoing radiation therapy, his diet should be rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals to give the body what it needs to heal and, as a result, speed up recovery time, according to Southeast Radiation Oncology Group. A simple tip in picking the proper diet is choosing fresh, natural and colorful foods.

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The proper diet during radiation includes healthy portions of fruits and vegetables, explains Southeast Radiation Oncology Group. Milk and milk products, preferably fat-free or low-fat, should also be regularly eaten. Whole grains including brown rice, whole bread, oatmeal and quinoa are important sources of nutrients for the body. For protein, choose lean proteins low in fat such as seafood, soy and lean meat. It is advisable to avoid foods that may contain sodium, added sugars, solid fats and alcohol.

Radiation may cause side effects that make it difficult to ingest foods. If that is the case, eat more fruits and nutrient-rich liquids such as soups and milk, states the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Try juicing foods and blending vegetables and fruits. It is advisable for patients to take dietary supplements if they are not able to get all their nutrients through food.

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