What Are Some Proper Breathing Techniques?


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Breathing with the nose is a good way to provide the lungs with better filtered air, reports Selfication. Breathing with the diaphragm, in addition to the nose, helps decrease the pressure in the chest and belly, allowing the heart to work less.

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Relaxed, rhythmic and silent breathing are other proper breathing techniques used to assist in the overall functioning of the body, explains Selfication. In order to achieve these, becoming aware of the breathing pattern is beneficial. Other beneficial actions include extended exhales and straight posture.

In order to ensure that you breathe with the diaphragm correctly, place your left hand on your abdomen while placing your right hand on your chest, instructs Mark's Daily Apple. Take a big breath, and observe which hand rises first. If the right hand rises first and more prominently, you do not use the diaphragm correctly when breathing.

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