What Are Some Prohormones That Receive High Ratings?


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Some prohormones with high ratings are Predator Plexx by Assault Labs, Powerdrol 10 by Vital Labs and Nano Tren by Assault Nano series, according to Strong Supplement Shop. Other prohormone supplements include Beast Plexx and Super DMZ 3.0 by IronMagLabs.

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Additional prohormones with high rankings include Maximum LMG by Pharma-Tec, DMZ1200 by Hard Rock Supplements and Androgeddon by AAR. Size gains, toxicity and feedback were taken in to consideration when rating these prohormones, reports the Strong Supplement Shop. Value was also a rating factor.

Predator Plexx is a two-prohormone stack and helps increase size and strength of muscles. The ingredients in Predator Plexx are Halodrol and Methylstenbolone, notes the Strong Supplement Shop. Other ingredients include hypromellose, stearic acid and magnesium. This product is no longer available as of 2014, due to the ban on prohormones.

Due to the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2014, many prohormones for muscle gain are no longer available, states GovTrack. Any man-made product that supports increase in muscle size or mimics the effects of testosterone are affected by this ban. Some prohormones with high ratings that are still available, as of 2015, include Testo XL and Super Trenabol. However, these products will soon be inaccessible due to the ban on prohormones, explains Suppreviewers.com.

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