What Are Progressive Lenses?


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Progressive lenses are corrective lenses for patients, particularly presbyopic individuals who wear eyeglasses, to comfortably view objects at any distance, notes AllAboutVision. These lenses are characterized by a seamless transition of increasing lens power for optimum vision.

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Progressive lenses, also referred to as "no-lines bifocals," enable wearers to look at objects without their eyes constantly moving across the noticeable lines common in bifocal and trifocal lenses. This eliminates the feeling of discomfort and, at times, queasiness from abrupt switches in lens magnification.

Users of progressive lenses can comfortably and clearly see distant objects by merely looking straight ahead, states AllAboutVision. Slightly lowering the eye level provides clarity for intermediate vision, while looking down achieves focus for close-up activities, such as reading fine print.

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