What Programs Are Offered by the Canadian Hearing Society?

Programs and services offered by the Canadian Hearing Society are accessibility services, hearing clinics, counseling services, educational programs and employment services, explains the Canadian Hearing Society. These programs and services are meant to help remove communication barriers at work, home and at school and provide advice and support for people who are culturally deaf, deafened, oral deaf and hard of hearing.

The Canadian Hearing Society provides communication solutions and expert advice to make workplaces, homes and schools accessible, explains the Canadian Hearing Society. Under this category services offered include captioning services, communication devices, conference accessibility coordination and deafblind services. Hearing clinic services include classes and workshops, hearing evaluation services, hearing tests for children and adults, and speech and language programs for children and adults. Counseling services offer support to the deaf, deafened, oral deaf and hard of hearing people and their families to find solutions for the challenges of life.

Educational programs are designed to help newcomers to Canada learn skills for daily living and English, teach basic skills and literacy and teach sign language to all who want to learn, explains the Canadian Hearing Society. The society offers job assistance for those who wish to find jobs. These services are free and are offered to individuals aged 16 and over.