What Is the Prognosis for Stage 2 Lung Cancer?


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According to the American Cancer Society, the observed 5-year survival rate for patients who are diagnosed with stage II lung cancer is around 30 percent. Depending on the location and other qualities of the primary tumor, stage II lung cancer can be divided between types IIA and IIB. Survival rates are slightly higher among stage IIB patients than among IIA.

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According to About.com, stage II lung cancer can describe numerous distinct types of cancers, each of which has its own characteristic spread pattern and prognosis. In addition to the specific type of cancer being monitored, long-term outcomes depend on a number of variables including age, gender and overall health. In general, women's outcomes are better than men's, young people survive longer than older patients and people who are otherwise in good general health respond better to physically taxing treatments than people who are generally unhealthy or who have serious preexisting conditions. Apart from these factors, some people respond to treatment better than others, which plays a large role in the progress of the cancer and, consequently, median survival times. Various complications, such as blood clots, also have an impact on the success or failure of treatments and on the long-term outlook for patients.

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