What Is the Prognosis for Someone With Stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer?


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As of 2015, a stage 4 lymphoma cancer patient is likely to have a five-year-survival rate, states the American Cancer Society. Doctors use the number of years that surviving patients lived following treatment to determine the survival rate. If the condition of the patients improved after treatment, it might be an indication of a better outlook for current patients.

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There are various factors that influence the prognosis of stage 4 lymphoma cancer patients, including being over 45 years old, being male, bulky disease, elevated white blood cell count and low blood albumin level, states the American Cancer Society. How well a patient responds to medications and treatments is also an essential factor in prognosis. The outlook for patients with a slow-growing lymphoma also considers other factors such as hemoglobin level, states Healthline.

There are two types of lymphoma: Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, says Healthline. At stage 4, non-Hodgkin lymphoma affects one or more organs, while Hodgkin lymphoma affects lymph nodes around the diaphragm, spreading cancer cells in all body parts. The treatment approach for these two lymphomas is usually different. Stage 4 lymphoma cancer patients can get support by joining groups, says Healthline. Some may consider participating in clinical trials.

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