What Is the Prognosis for Someone Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease?


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It is not possible to predict what will happen when an individual has Parkinson's disease. This is because the symptoms vary from one person to another. Early detection of the condition is key to treatment, notes Healthline.

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Parkinson's disease is not fatal and produces different symptoms in different people. The life expectancy of individuals with this condition is the same as those without it, according to MedicineNet. Patients that do not receive timely medical care are at a greater risk of suffering from severe symptoms of the condition.

This disease often affects the brain cells that are responsible for movements. The disease leads to a loss of muscle control and balance. Individuals affected with the disease are likely to experience tremors during the initial stages. Rigidity or difficulty in moving limbs is another common symptom. Postural instability, slow or impaired movements and Parkinsonian gait are other symptoms that may be observed. Most people develop this condition after reaching the age of 60.

Certain medications may be prescribed to help deal with movement, walking and tremor symptoms. Surgical procedures to implant electrodes into the brain may help manage the condition. Individuals with this condition should engage in regular exercise, eat a balanced diet and avoid activities that may cause falls.

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