What Is the Prognosis for a Patient Suffering From Stage 4 Metastasized Cancer?


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As stated on Cancer.gov, although some forms of metastasized cancer can be cured, in general the goal for treatments of metastasized cancer is to either control the growth of the cancer, or relieve the symptoms being caused by the cancer. It depends upon a variety of factors.

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According to Cancer.net, cancer stages are used to classify how far the cancer has spread. At stage IV, the cancer has spread from its original location to other organs, or other parts of the body. At stage IV, the cancer has usually already spread to surrounding tissue and lymph nodes and has most commonly spread to the bone, liver or lungs. The tumors themselves do not have symptoms. Instead, symptoms are experienced when the tumors affect the body parts they have spread to.

The type, location and number of tumors along with the patient's age, general health and types of previous treatments all play a role in determining what treatment should be used. Local therapy, such as radiation or surgery, and systemic therapy, such as chemotherapy or hormonal therapy, are considered. Most forms of metastasized cancer cannot be cured by current treatments, as stated on Cancer.gov. New treatments are constantly being developed and are generally tested in clinical trials at hospitals across the country.

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