What Is the Prognosis for a Minor Pelvic Fracture?


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A minor pelvic fracture typically heals within eight to 12 weeks without the need for surgery. Bed rest, anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers are the most common treatments, but some fractures may require physical therapy and the use of crutches. In rare cases, surgery may be recommended, according to Cedars-Sinai.

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Treatment for a pelvic fracture depends on the stability of the pelvis. Patients with minor fractures usually have a stable pelvis with no displacement or dislocation of the bone so there is typically no need for surgery, says the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Pain management and gradual weight bearing are the primary treatment goals for minor pelvic fractures. Anti-inflammatory medications are typically prescribed to reduce swelling and tenderness, while pain relievers may ease the discomfort during the initial period of recovery. Weight bearing activities should be limited during the first two weeks following the injury. Placing too much strain on the pelvis or initiating weight bearing activities too quickly may result in unnecessary bone displacement, states Ortho Associates of Maine.

Occasionally, individuals with a minor pelvic fracture require a closed reduction procedure to realign the bones. No incision is necessary for this type of treatment, but a general anesthesia may be used to minimize discomfort as the surgeon manipulates the bone into the correct position, explains the Hospital for Special Surgery.

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