What is the prognosis for low-grade glioma?


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The prognosis for low-grade glioma is a median overall survival rate of 6.9 years, ranging from about 30 days to 38.5 years, according to Oxford Journals. The article reported study results in 2008 after evaluating Mayo Clinic tumor registry records of 314 adult patients diagnosed with nonpilocytic low-grade gliomas from 1960 to 1992. About 50 percent of the patients who underwent gross total resection and radical subtotal resection didn't experience recurrence of the tumors a decade after their initial diagnoses.

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Long-term survival outcome rates for patients with low-grade gliomas are 36 percent for 10-year overall survival and 23 percent for 15-year overall survival, explains Oxford Journals. The median overall survival time is 5.4 years for patients who underwent subtotal resection/biopsy alone, and their progression-free survival time is 4.2 years. Forty-one percent of the patients with oligodendroglioma survive 15 years, while 25 percent with oligoastrocytoma and 18 percent with astrocytoma survive the same time span.

Study results show that patients who receive radiotherapy after a biopsy or subtotal resection of primary brain tumors such as low-grade gliomas have improved progression-free survival and overall survival rates, notes Oxford Journals. Factors that reduce patient survival rates include having tumors that are 5 centimeters or larger in size, symptoms of affected sensory motor skills at time of diagnosis, and undergoing less than radical subtotal resection.

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