What Is the Prognosis for Acute Leukemia?


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Up to 99 percent of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, often referred to as ALL, go into complete remission within six weeks of beginning treatment for the condition, according to Healthline. The overall cure rate is around 40 percent for adults with ALL.

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What Is the Prognosis for Acute Leukemia?
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ALL is one of the most curable types of cancers, with prognosis determined by the affected personメs age, the location of the cancer, whether it has spread, and any previous diagnoses with ALL, according to Healthline. Prognosis is more favorable in children than adults, with around 90 percent of children treated for the disease remaining disease free for at least 10 years after treatment. By contrast, 80 to 90 percent of adults with ALL go into remission after treatment, but around half relapse.

Among all forms of leukemia, ALL is the most prevalent form in children, with boys more apt to develop the disease than girls, notes Healthline. However, most deaths from the disease occur in adults. Prognosis of ALL in adults age 60 or older is particularly grim, and treatment in people with health problems or overall poor health is difficult. Around 1,400 people of all ages die in the United States from ALL each year, as of 2015.

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