What Are Some Products Sold by Northstar Nutritionals?


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NorthStar Nutritionals offers a wide variety of supplements, including Probiotic Performance Plus for digestive health and Gluco-Sure for blood sugar support. The supplier also offers products for pain relief, sexual health, joint support and more, according to the company's official website.

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NorthStar Nutritionals offers a number of anti-aging supplements, including Lumivella and RegeneCell. The company also offers multiple antioxidant supplements such as PomXel. For an energy boost, NorthStar Nutritionals offers Peak Adrenal X6, which naturally increases the action of the adrenal glands. The company even offers a supplement that nourishes and revives hair follicles to regrow lost hair, according to NorthStarNutritionals.com.

The supplier offers numerous heart health supplements, including RevitalizeQ Plus, which maintains healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Two more products offered by the company are PureImmune Plus, which naturally boosts the body's immune response, and SlimSuccess, a weightloss supliment designed to reduce body fat, reports NorthStar Nutritionals. For joint problems, NorthStar Nutritionals offers products such as Flexanol, SemperFlex and Ultimate Tendon Support. To support the function of memory and the brain, the company offers products such as Sense of Mind and CogniSense. NorthStar Nutritionals also offers OcuXanthin, which includes lutenin, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin and hyaluronic acid to restore vision.

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