What Are Some Products Sold at an Indian Reservation Smoke Shop?


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Products sold at Indian smoke shops are typically tobacco products, accessories, and miscellaneous items such as gifts or souvenirs. Most Indian Smoke Shops carry a variety of brands of cigarettes, often at substantial discounts and without sales tax. They also contain a variety of cigars and cigar accessories.

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Other products include smokeless, chewable and liquid forms of tobacco; e-cigarettes; and e-cigarette cartridges in a variety of flavors. Most shops also sell loose tobacco for pipes and for a customer to roll his own cigarettes along with rolling papers, pipes, pouches and other accessories. There may also be an assortment of lighters, cigar clippers and punches, ashtrays, pipe cleaners, and humidors. Nearly all Indian smoke shops also offer a variety of gifts and souvenirs from the reservation.

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