What Are Some Products Offered by Rephresh?


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RepHresh offers feminine products, such as RepHresh Pro-B, RepHresh vaginal gel and RepHresh Clean Balance, as listed by RepHresh. Pro-B is a capsule supplement, whereas the vaginal gel and clean balance are for external use.

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RepHresh Pro-B contains strains of probiotic lactobacillus, which balance yeast and bacteria in the body. Taking one capsule daily promotes optimum vaginal health. Applying RepHresh vaginal gel once every three days helps to maintain a healthy vaginal pH and eliminates vaginal odor. An unbalanced vaginal pH breeds microorganisms that cause odor. Women apply the gel directly to the area using a pre-filled applicator. The gel sticks to the vaginal wall and creates a healthy pH buffer against fluids such as menstrual fluids and semen that may have a higher pH, claims RepHresh.

RepHresh Clean Balance is a two-part kit that includes Pure-10 cleanser and a conditioning gel. One application provides three days of freshness by cleansing and conditioning to regulate vaginal pH and eliminate vaginal odor. In part one, a 10-step water-purification process using Pure-10 removes chemicals, pollutants, bacteria and irritants. Pure-10 contains ingredients that are gentle to the most sensitive female body parts. The conditioning gel in part two maintains a healthy vaginal pH and eliminates vaginal odor, explains RepHresh.

Applying RepHresh vaginal gel once every three days provides freshness for the user. It is also helpful to apply it on days when vaginal pH is likely to be imbalanced, such as before or after sex, after periods or after douching, notes RepHresh.

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