What Products Are CenterPoint Precision Optics Used In?

CenterPoint Precision Optics, which is a division of the Crosman Corporation, manufactures products primarily used in Crosman Outdoors products, including rifle scopes and recreational hunting equipment, and Crosman Tactical products for MSR and pistol shooters in special operations. The company manufactures a variety of lights and lasers for night time hunting and day/night visibility, as well as aiming sights for accuracy when hunting.

CenterPoint Precision Optics' scopes and accessories include features such as adjustable objectives and dual illuminated mil dot reticles. The company manufactures optics for hunting at a wide variety of ranges, and it also has a line of hunting binoculars built with the same optics as the hunting scopes but with slightly different features. CenterPoint also makes accessories such as sun shades, sidewheels, intermounts and dovetail rings.

CenterPoint products are sold by major retailers across the country and around the world. Large sellers such as Walmart and Dicks Sporting Goods, and smaller, locally-owned gun and outdoors shops all carry the products, as do many online retailers such as Amazon.com.

CenterPoint Precision Optics' parent company is the Crosman Corporation, founded as the Crosman Rifle Company in 1923. Crosman introduced the Optics division in 2007. All products are designed at the company's headquarters in New York and manufactured in the United States.