What Is the Process of a Sixth Nerve Palsy Treatment?


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Treatment for sixth nerve palsy involves taking corticosteroids or wearing an eye patch if double vision persists while the sixth nerve heals, reports Healthline. Sixth nerve palsy from a viral infection usually resolves naturally with time. In some cases, eye specialists recommend prism spectacles to realign the eyesight. Strabismus surgery is used to fix eye misalignment.

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The use of prism spectacles may correct double vision, allowing single binocular eyesight when looking straight forward, according to the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. The spectacles do not entirely fix double vision, as varying gaze angles involve different degrees of misalignment. Also, they may be less effective as the sixth nerve palsy progresses.

Eye doctors observe patients with sixth nerve palsy for six months to determine if prism correction fails to deliver good results and if strabismus surgery is necessary to correct eye misalignment properly, notes AAPOS. They may use botulinum toxin and surgery to weaken the medial rectus muscle's opposing inward pull for a short period.

Palsy resulting from trauma often does not heal fully without treatment, according to AAPOS. The condition causes double vision, which is worse for far fixation than near fixation. If the palsy affects only one eye, a person sees separated images more severely when gazing in the affected eye's direction.

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