What Is the Process for Self-Catheterization for Males?

What Is the Process for Self-Catheterization for Males?

The process for self-catheterization for males involves inserting a catheter through the penis to empty the bladder, notes MedlinePlus. The supplies needed for this process include a catheter, towelettes, gloves and a lubricant.

The individual starts by thoroughly cleaning his hands with soap and water. He also has to clean the tip of his penis to reduce bacteria and the risk of infection, states Healthline. The patient can use gloves if he does not want to use his bare hands.

An uncircumcised man has to move back his foreskin before this procedure. He then proceeds to clean the tip of the penis with Betadine antiseptic solution. The patient then lubricates the tip and the first few inches of the catheter, says Healthline. One hand holds the penis, while the other carefully inserts the catheter using firm and gentle pressure.

The man may experience a bit of resistance after the first six inches due to the urinary sphincter. When this happens, he should relax, breathe deeply and apply a bit more pressure. When the urine starts flowing, he should push the catheter in an inch or two to the Y connector.

The patient must ensure that his bladder is completely empty before slowly removing the catheter, advises Healthline. A patient who is reusing his catheter should clean it with hot water and mild soap immediately after each use.