What Is the Process of Inserting a Urinary Catheter in Males?


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First clean the penis properly, put water-based lubricating jelly on the first 7 to 10 inches of the catheter, and then hold the penis straight out from the body with one hand and insert the catheter into the urinary meatus with the other hand. This needs to be done gently, and it needs to pushed approximately 7 to 10 inches into the penis, until urine begins to flow, states Drugs.com.

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When the urine flow stops, the patient should remove the catheter by pinching it closed and slowly pulling it out. Remember to keep the end of the catheter up to prevent spilling, explains Drugs.com.

Catheters are made of either rubber, PVC, silicone or latex and consist of a hollow, partially flexible tube that collects urine from the bladder. A drainage bag is positioned at the end of the catheter tube to hold the urine that has been collected, notes Healthline.

There are various reasons why a catheters may be required, including blocked urine flow caused by bladder or kidney stones or enlargement of the prostate gland, surgery on the prostate gland, spinal cord injury, or injury to the nerves of the bladder. If the bladder is not emptied, urine builds up and places a lot of pressure on the kidneys which can lead to kidney failure, notes Healthline.

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