What Is the Process for Getting Permanent Dentures?


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A permanent denture consists of four dental implants placed in the jaw, which supports a complete dental arch of replacement teeth, according to the Spodak Dental Group. The patient is sedated during the process, new teeth are fitted and adjustments made with 24 hours.

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A computerized axial tomography scan, x-rays and impressions are taken to determine exact fit of the titanium implants. Under sedation, the implants are placed within the bone of the jaw so that they fuse to the natural bone upon healing. The process is completed in 24 hours, even if extractions are required, states Spodak Dental Group.

The permanent denture procedure utilizes two processes. First, implants and temporary teeth are placed within the immediate 24-hour period. After a period of six months, another impression is taken and a stronger, permanent set of teeth is positioned. During this time frame, according to Spodak, gums fully heal, and the titanium implants fuse to the jaw bone, completing the process.

Once fixed in place and healed, the titanium implants prevent the bone loss common to conventional denture use, summarizes the Spodak Dental Group. The report states that a permanent denture allows patients to again enjoy the benefits of natural teeth.

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