What Is the Process for Brain Injury Rehabilitation?


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The rehabilitation process for traumatic brain injury varies depending on which parts of the brain are injured as a result of trauma. Brain injury rehabilitation includes counseling, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, medications, and social support groups, WebMD states.

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As the control center of the body, the brain controls many different functions ranging from voluntary and involuntary movement to cognition and other psychological processes. As a result, a traumatic brain injury can lead to a variety of impairments, both physiological and psychological. For physiological impairments, physical therapy is commonly used in the rehabilitation process. Medication may be used to treat certain physiological problems such as chronic pain or headaches, according to WebMD.

Medication may also be used to combat psychological problems that arise from a traumatic brain injury. Emotional distress, speech and language problems, memory problems, and sleep issues are all possible complications associated with traumatic brain injury, and they are sometimes treated with medication regimens. Psychological problems that manifest in the wake of traumatic brain injury are treated using psychological counseling or support groups, according to WebMD. Psychotherapy is used to treat emotional distress caused by traumatic brain injury, allowing patients to express themselves and work with a counselor to alleviate emotional symptoms.

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