What Are the Procedures for YAG Laser Surgery?


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The procedures for YAG laser surgery are non-invasive and involve using a YAG laser to disrupt the clouding of the natural lens in the eye capsule, says The Wright Eye Center. The energy from the laser beam creates a hole in the lens capsule of the eye releasing the cloud of the natural lens.

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The Wright Eye Center explains YAG laser surgery as a collagen deposit removal procedure. Collagen is white and fibrous and resides in the posterior lens capsule. The cloud removed during YAG laser surgery forms around the edges of the intraocular lens. The cloud forms a seam that adheres to the anterior and posterior lens capsules sticking them together. The seal is called a Soemmering’s ring.

A normal eye lens is oval like a grape, notes The Wright Eye Center. The lens has an outer skin and an inner gel similar to the flesh of a grape. A cataract is a cloudy formation that blocks the vision of the eye. YAG laser surgery releases the cataract cloud through use of a laser beam.

YAG laser surgery differs from other cataract surgery because there is no implant of an intraocular lens, advises The Wright Eye Center. The patient sits upright in the exam chair, the doctor points the YAG laser onto the collagen cataract, and then the patients hears laser beam clicking sounds as the beam creates the hole. YAG laser surgery requires several "hits" of the beam to form a hole in the cloudy capsule in the eye to remove the collagen and restore vision.

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