What Are Some Procedures Done by Oculoplastic Surgeons?


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Oculoplastic surgeons perform ophthalmologic, reconstructive and cosmetic procedures to treat congenital and acquired eye disorders, including lower lid tightening, tear duct surgery and orbital surgery, according to Emory Eye Center. They specialize in treating the eyelids, lacrimal system, eyebrows, and bones and areas of the face near the eye. The procedures may be totally cosmetic or medically necessary to improve vision or to treat common eye disorders.

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Oculoplastic surgeons receive advanced training in ophthalmology and plastic surgery, advises Emory Eye Center. Common procedures oculoplastic surgeons perform include procedures to correct ptosis, which is a droopy upper eyelid; entropion, the inward turning of the eyelid; and ectropion, the outward turning of the eyelid. Other procedures correct retraction of the eyelids and damage from skin cancer or injuries.

Oculoplastic surgeons implant artificial eyes, states Emory Eye Center. The surgeon may have to work closely with other specialists treating the patient, such as endocrinologists, in the treatment of protruding eyes from Graves' disease, which may involve repositioning the bone and removing tumors in the eye socket.

Oculoplastic surgeons sometimes provide purely cosmetic services, such as those to correct the effect of aging, including Botox, laser skin resurfacing and dermal hair removal, according to the Thomas Eye Group. Other common cosmetic treatments include laser hair removal and treatment of tumors near the eye.

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