What Is the Procedure for Obtaining a Marriage License in Georgia?


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Couples obtain a marriage license in Georgia from a probate court by presenting two valid forms of photo identification, paying the marriage license fee and submitting the written application. Georgia waives the license fee for couples who complete a six-hour premarital education class.

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Couples may apply for a marriage license in any county if one party is a Georgia resident, or they must obtain a license in the county where they will hold the marriage ceremony if neither party is a Georgia resident. They must present a copy of a divorce decree if one party was divorced within the previous six months, and some counties require a divorce decree for any party who has ever been divorced, regardless of time period. Georgia does not require blood tests to obtain a marriage license as of July 1, 2003, but recommends that anyone applying for a marriage license be tested for sickle cell disease.

Georgia requires that anyone applying for a marriage license be of sound mind and not have a living spouse from an undissolved marriage. Cousins may marry in Georgia, but the state bans other marriages if related by blood, including those between father and daughter, mother and son, grandparent and grandchild and whole or half siblings.

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