What Is the Procedure for Meniscus Surgery?


In a meniscus surgery, surgeons make a small incision to open the knee and repair the meniscus tear, according to WebMD. Surgeons may also perform arthroscopic surgery, which involves making tiny incisions close to the knee and inserting a small tube that contains a camera and a light.

Surgery is typically recommended for moderate to large tears found at the outer border of the meniscus, says WebMD. It may fix radial tears depending on the location of the tears; however, meniscus surgery may not be able to repair horizontal, degenerative tears that result from long-term damage. Surgery may also not be a good option for tears spreading from the outer edge to the inner area of the meniscus.

An arthroscopic surgery allows doctors to see the inner area of the knee without creating a large incision, explains WebMD. Surgeons make small cuts to insert surgical instruments and fix the meniscus with stitches or anchors. Orthopedists sometimes perform an anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, surgery along with a meniscus repair, particularly in cases where a torn meniscus is accompanied by another knee injury.

Doctors may suggest home treatment for small tears, notes WebMD. The most appropriate treatment is determined based on the zone, pattern and size of the tear. Other crucial factors include the patient’s health, age and activity level.