What Is the Procedure for the IUI Treatment Process?


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The intrauterine insemination, or IUI, procedure involves stimulation of the egg; then semen production; washing of the sperm; cleaning of the cervical area; and the actual insemination, according to Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago. The procedure is easy and painless but has to be done by a qualified professional.

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IUI begins with the woman being given medication, which is important in the stimulation of the multiple egg development as insemination is timed during the release of the eggs. After that, semen is produced at the medical facility or at home, but the man has to abstain from ejaculating for more than two to five days first. Sperm washing is the next step, and it involves the separation of various components of the semen, explains Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago. A trained medical practitioner cleans the cervical area by placing a spectrum at the vagina, and a flexible and sterilized catheter is used to place a motile sperm at the high ends of the uterine cavity.

When professionals do the procedure in the recommended manner, the woman should not experience any discomfort, states Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago. There are some medical professions that recommend women remain lying down after the procedure, but there are no conclusive studies on the effectiveness of remaining in that position.

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