What Are Some Problems With Crystalens?


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Problems associated with having a Crystalens implant in the eye may include sensitivity to light and experiencing glare in the field of vision. Having Crystalens implant surgery can both cause and exacerbate these problems. Undergoing surgery for the Crystalens implant can also cause complications such as infection.

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Experiencing sensitivity to light with a Crystalens implant is often a temporary symptom experienced after lens implant surgery. Because the Crystalens optic material is so clear, it can take time for some people to adjust to how intense lights can be and how bright colors are, especially at night.

Glare can potentially be a problem at night for anyone who uses an intraocular lens such as Crystalens. Glare is more likely to occur at night when the pupil widely dilates and if light reflects off the edge of the implant. Light reflecting of the implant's edge can create a halo or a flash of light. However, this effect normally occurs in the peripheral vision and not in the central vision field and may not be bothersome for some people. Glare experienced at night may be improved by the use of medications or night driving glasses.

Complications associated with having a Crystalens implanted are extremely rare but can range from mild to life-threatening. Serious complications can include hemorrhage and retinal detachment and are more likely to be experienced by people with existing medical conditions such as diabetes. Current statistics demonstrate that 98 percent of people do not experience complications after lens implant surgery.

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