What Are Some Problems Associated With the Throat?

What Are Some Problems Associated With the Throat?

Some throat problems include tonsillitis, cancers and pharyngitis. The throat's main function is to carry food to the esophagus and allow air to pass into the lungs. Throat problems are quite common with most people experiencing a sore throat from time to time, notes MedlinePlus.

Throat problems may be caused by a variety of issues including infections, certain disorders, injury and diseases. The symptoms of throat complications vary depending on the underlying cause and severity, according to Healthgrades.

Individuals with throat problems may experience pain when swallowing food or drinking water. They may feel some irritation and a drying of the throat. Painful sensations may develop in areas around the throat. Other likely symptoms include soreness, mucus buildup, swelling of the throat, development of white patches on the tongue and throat and a change in voice patterns.

Throat cancer is among the most serious conditions that may affect the throat. Infections caused by viruses or bacteria may lead to development of various throat complications. Individuals involved in accidents or other unfortunate incidents that affect the throat may equally develop problems.

Doctors often take the patient's history before carrying out a physical examination of the throat. Lab tests and imaging tests may also be used to diagnose a throat condition. Treatment basically depends on the severity and underlying cause of the problem.