What Are Problems Associated With Cataract Surgery?

There are many problems that can be associated with cataract surgery including increased pain in the eye area, increased redness in the eye area, swelling, discharge, changes in the field of vision and overall decreased vision, according to WebMD. Most patients still choose to undergo cataract surgery because of the numerous benefits; however, the procedure is not for everyone.

If a patient undergoes cataract surgery and experiences any of these complications, the patient should contact his or her doctor immediately. Regardless of whether or not a patient has complications from the surgery, there will be follow-up appointments to measure the patient's lens clarity, visual acuity, eye pressure and the inside of the patient's eye.

Most patients choose to undergo cataract surgery because they are having problems living a full life with their vision troubles due to their cataracts. These frustrations and problems include double vision, the inability to pass the vision test in order to drive, frequent glare from bright lights, difference in eye sight from one eye to the other and diseases such as macular degeneration . Studies have shown that "cataract surgery is successful for 85 to 92 out of 100 adults," reports WebMD, and less than 10 percent of the people who undergo surgery have any kind of complication.