Are Probiotics Good for You?


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Probiotics are good for a person's health because the organisms protect newborn infants, maintain the digestive tract, boost the immune system and kill negative bacteria, according to MedicineNet. Probiotics expel toxins and other forms of waste from the body.

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Probiotics benefit newborns, who carry with them positive bacteria as they go through the birth canal, notes MedicineNet. Babies who are born by Cesarean section do not benefit from probiotics and are more prone to compromised immune systems and allergens.

Probiotics protect the digestive tract by acting as a balancing mechanism against harmful bacteria, reports MedicineNet. The digestive tract gets rid of harmful microbes and absorbs nutrients for the body. If the number of bad microbes override the positive ones, this can lead to such ailments as diarrhea, fatigue and urinary tract infections.

Probiotics provide support to the immune system, claims MedicineNet. An immune system without probiotics can lead to infections and autoimmune disorders.

Probiotics have a positive effect on people suffering from a variety of diseases, explains WebMD. For instance, the bacteria can treat children who suffer form diarrhea, and the organisms treat diarrhea that is caused by antibiotics. Healthy bacteria can also prevent the contraction of pouchitis, which occurs when the intestines are inflamed after an operation. The organisms help infants who suffer from an intestinal affliction known as necrotizing enterocolitis.

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