What Is the Primary Treatment for a Bladder Tumor?


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When a tumor is found in the bladder during a cystoscopy, a tiny biopsy, or tissue sample, is typically taken to be tested, notes WebMD. If the tissue sample shows that the tumor is malignant, various treatment options are available depending on the stage of cancer and how far the disease has spread.

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There are numerous stages to determine and classify how far the cancer has spread throughout the bladder and rest of the body. Stage Oa bladder cancer implies that a non-invasive papillary cancer is existent, states WebMD. Stage 0 bladder cancer is also considered to be non-invasive, and it meansthat the cancer has only spread to the inner lining of the bladder. In Stage I bladder cancer, the cancer has spread deeper into the bladder's lining, but has not spread to the bladder's muscle wall. Stage II bladder cancer is invasive and designates that the cancer has spread to the inside of the bladder's muscle wall. Stage III bladder cancer is further advanced and designates that the cancer has not only spread throughout the bladder's muscle wall, but also may affect surrounding tissue or the reproductive organs. A patient with stage IV bladder cancer has cancer that has not only spread throughout the bladder, but also has spread to surrounding organs and the lymph nodes.

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