What Is a Primary Teeth Chart?


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A primary teeth chart is a graphical representation of the first teeth that develop in a child's mouth, showing their location, tooth type, and when they usually emerge and fall out. Primary teeth are generally replaced by permanent teeth by the time the child reaches 12 years in age.

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Primary teeth are also known as baby teeth. They are the first set of teeth to emerge in a person's mouth, and are fewer in number than the permanent teeth. Primary teeth usually begin to emerge when a child is 6 months old.

Primary teeth charts are only rough guides. Children shed teeth throughout childhood, and it can take until age 21 or longer for all of the permanent teeth to come in. Primary teeth charts can be used to track a child's development, but teeth are shed in irregular patterns, and it is not uncommon for there to be a two-year break between one shed tooth and the next. Most, but not all, children have lost their complete set of primary teeth by the time they reach 13.

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