What Are the Primary Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Men?


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Chest pain, chest pressure and chest discomfort are the three most common heart attack symptoms reported by men, according to WebMD. However, 10 percent of men feel no chest pain at all when having a heart attack. Other symptoms often reported by men include pain in the arms, stomach, neck or back; pain that feels like heartburn; sweating; nausea; and vomiting. Men may also have difficulty breathing properly.

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Half of the people who have heart attacks also experience early heart attack symptoms, notes Healthline. These symptoms include confusion, fainting, anxiety, nausea and sweating. Mild pain may appear in the chest, but it is not constant. Other heart attack sufferers report pain in their jaw, neck or shoulders. If men recognize these early heart attack symptoms and seek immediate medical attention, doctors may prevent the actual heart attack from occurring.

Some heart attacks have such mild symptoms that doctors call them silent heart attacks, explains Mayo Clinic. A man who has this type of heart attack may not realize he experienced one at all. He may confuse the heart attack for the flu, indigestion or general muscle pain. Doctors confirm a silent heart attack with imaging studies. A conclusive diagnosis is important because silent heart attacks also increase the risk of heart failure or a fatal heart attack.

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