How Do You Price a Root Canal?


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The cost of a root canal can run anywhere from $300 to $2,000 and potentially more, explains CostHelper. This range in price is dependent on which tooth needs the root canal and the condition and location of the tooth.

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The front teeth, both top and bottom, contain one root. Molar teeth have three roots and sometimes more. The purpose of having a root canal is to clean out the infected pulp of the root of the tooth to prevent the infection from attacking the surrounding bone, otherwise known as an abscess, according to Professional Endodontics. The number of roots; the location of the tooth in the mouth, which makes it easier or more difficult to access; and the degree of infection all play a part in the price of the root canal.

An X-ray is taken of the tooth; it shows the shape of the root and any possible infection, notes CostHelper. Root canals can often take three visits to complete. After that, a crown is usually made to cover the tooth, thereby raising the entire cost of the procedure. In rare occasions, the tooth can simply be filled without a crown. Due to the varying set of circumstances surrounding the need for a root canal, the price range varies greatly.

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