Is the Price of an Eye Exam at Visionworks Comparable to Other Eye Glass Stores?

price-eye-exam-visionworks-comparable-other-eye-glass-stores Credit: Ken Teegardin/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The cost of an eye exam at Visionworks compared to other eyeglass stores is comparable due to the fact that the eye doctors locate in the Visionworks stores are independent doctors of optometry who own their own practice and are not generally employed by Visionworks. Some doctors may be employed by Visionworks, but not generally, according to the Visionworks website.

Other factors to consider when comparing the price of a vision exam is the coupons, promotions and rebates that may be offered by the store. The doctors within the store may participate in such promotions but are generally offered for products and do not particularly pertain to the eye exam itself.