What Are the Preventions and Treatments for Prostrate Cancer?


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Maintaining a healthy weight and following a healthy diet are the most common physician recommendations for preventing prostate cancer, and treatment options range from monitoring to surgery, chemotherapy and bone-directed treatment, notes Mayo Clinic and the American Cancer Society. Weight management and eating healthy also prevent many other conditions.

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What Are the Preventions and Treatments for Prostrate Cancer?
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No proven protocol for preventing prostate cancer exists, as the studies on different methodologies have provided conflicting outcomes, and most research has not been designed to establish whether a treatment definitely prevents this form of cancer. Some evidence has shown that a diet rich in vegetables and fruits and low in fats can decrease the risk, although concrete proof is still awaiting further research, according to Mayo Clinic. Making low-fat substitutions such as choosing leaner cuts of meat and reduced-fat dairy products is just one way to lower fat consumption.

Prostate cancer treatment depends on the staging and preferences of the patient. Factors include age, expected life span, other serious conditions, the possibility of a cure and the patient's thoughts about the potential side effects. In some situations, simply watching and waiting to see if the tumor grows is an initial treatment plan. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are available, as are hormone therapy, cryosurgery, vaccine and bone-directed treatment, states the American Cancer Society.

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