What Are Some Preventable Causes of Aneurysm?


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Some common causes of brain aneurysms are high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and trauma, states MedicineNet. High blood pressure is largely preventable with measures such as quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise and maintaining a healthy weight, the American Heart Association advises. The same lifestyle modifications help prevent atherosclerosis, according to Prevention.

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Head trauma is also largely avoidable by following safety precautions, such as wearing seat belts and securing children into appropriately sized safety seats, Mayo Clinic explains. Wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle or bike and not drinking and driving are some other ways to prevent head injuries.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also helps prevent aortic aneurysms, according to eMedicineHealth. Preventive measures include quitting smoking, eating a low-cholesterol diet and exercising regularly. Additionally, some doctors recommend screening for aortic aneurysms in people older than 55, as an ultrasound of the abdomen is 80 percent effective in detecting these defects.

An aneurysm is a weak spot in an artery, MedicineNet explains. In the brain, these tend to form where the carotid and vertebral arteries join with other blood vessels that supply oxygen and nourishment to the brain. When an aneurysm leaks or ruptures, bleeding occurs. Many aneurysms cause no symptoms, but if bleeding is sufficient to create pressure on the brain, symptoms of a stroke, such as headache and weakness on one side of the body, occur.

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